Whose Lives Matter?

BlackLivesMatter. BlueLivesMatter. AllLivesMatter.

After everything that has happened the last 3 days, between Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas, what do we truly believe?

I combined 4 videos into one…It is intense and it is beyond what any human should bare, but it is real and it is what is happening.

Why such a shocking presentation? Why so many layers of video on top of each other, each with real moments of death that are hard for anyone to watch?

Because maybe when we see all of this bleed together into one video, we’ll see a truth that has been there all along.

Listen to the sound of gunfire as a group of police are targeted and bystanders run for cover. Watch as the two men breathe their last while scared officers curse profanely in realization of what they have done. See the truth beyond the emotions and the facts amidst the chaos that echoes in your earphones.

There is one thing that stands out in all 4 of these videos and connects them into one: FEAR

White Police live in fear that what happened in Dallas will happen to them. Non-whites live in fear that what happened in Baton Rouge will happen to them. I’ve already had friends on both sides (sic) tell me that they are afraid. Fear is what will keep us in an endless cycle and bring about war between two vastly different cultures unless something changes. Something has to change. It must or we will lose everything.

Neither cops nor black people are the true bad guys. Fear is the real bad guy. Unless we fight fear with a LOVE that is incredibly powerful, we will destroy ourselves. No one’s lives will matter.

There is no hope in fear. Hope can only be found in an unconditional love. Unconditional love can only be found in a God who cares for every life.

Do you believe that your life matters?

Because if you do, then one more strand in the seemingly endless cycle of violence and hate will be broken.


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